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When it comes to odds, players might become perplexed as to which odds are being referred to in which context. For example, ‘what are the chances of landing a 6?’ would be a question about the likelihood of a specific outcome occuring. Payment odds (also known as payout percentages) are also available, which are established by the casino and determine what percentage of your wager will be paid out if you win.

We will be discussing the first sort of chances in this article since those are the ones that can be determined statistically. In the section that came before this one, we provided a method for calculating the % likelihood of a specific outcome. With a minor modification, the same technique may be used to calculate an odds ratio as well.

All that is required is that we leave out the last part of the equation, i.e. multiplying by 100, in order to obtain a percent result. Let’s use the outcome of 11 as an example once again and see how it works in practice:

Two results (target outcomes) divided by 36 (total potential outcomes = one out of every eight outcomes)

This result indicates that one out of every eighteen rolls is likely to get an outcome of eleven. For example, if the intended outcome is 1 out of 18 rolls, the odds of landing on 11 are 17:1.

We can conduct this calculation for any desired outcome, and we have done just that, combining this information into the useful table below. Please see the table below for more details. When it comes to placing bets, knowing how likely (or uncommon) a given outcome is might assist the player in making informed decisions.

The outside of the house

The house advantage is what allows casinos to remain in business. Any gambling activity including a ‘house,’ or the casino, has an advantage over the gambler referred to as house edge. It may also be thought of as the difference between the likelihood of a specific outcome and the payout ratio. Generally speaking, results that are more likely to occur pay out less than those that are less likely to emerge in the first place.

Because there are so many various types of bets in craps, including single roll, multi-roll, place, and proposition bets, there is no one house advantage value, as there would be in a slot machine game, for instance. This implies that each wager necessitates a separate estimate of the house edge.

Fortunately, the JohnSlots staff has been playing craps for a long time and isn’t averse to getting their hands dirty in order to perform some computations on our readers’ behalf. The house edge on each wager is detailed in the table below.

Controlling the dice in online casinos vs. land-based casinos games

When it comes to craps, some players believe they have discovered a technique to affect the outcome of a roll just by tossing the dice in a specific way. Precision shooting is the practice of limiting the amount of rotational force used to the dice during the throw in order to reduce the likelihood that the dice will spin on impact with the opposing wall of the craps table and so remain in the axis desired by the shooter.

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